cubase won't recognise headphones

Hi all, first post for me! I’m a complete noob to all of this (and not good with computers in general) so please bear with me.
I’m using Cubase 9 AI on a HP Spectre laptop and cannot get sound to go through the headphones or external speakers that I plug into the headphone jack.
What happens is the sound comes though normally in the laptop speakers but when I plug in phones or ext speakers things go silent for perhaps half a second then the sound continues to come through the laptop speakers only. I can play music through them all using the onboard players such as Media player but switch to cubase and its only laptop speakers.
Any thoughts?

Another noob question if I may. I have a UR22 mkII but do not yet have any proper monitor speakers. When I get monitors will I hook them up to the UR22 somehow or through the headphone or usb socket of the laptop? (see? I told you I’m a complete noob).


Noob or not, the setup of your interface should be explained in the manual. You managed to post here, so my guess is, you can also read. If there is anything particular you don´t understand, feel free to ask again.

I didn’t install cubase on my laptop, I assumed it had been done properly and thought it might have been something simple with a quick answer.

I was referring to the 2nd part of your question.

You will probably have to install ASIO4all driver to enable Cubase to use your laptop audio card.

Monitors (Active speakers) connect to the line outputs of the UR22.

Thanks Grim.
And thanks svennilenni. Yes, I realise that the second question was quite vacuous. I just wanted to get a general idea of the layout before digging into the manual. Having taken note of your post I followed the instructions the best I could but still no joy getting the sound from my ext speakers but from what grim says I don’t need to worry about it if I set up some monitors fed from the UR22.