Cubase wont recognize my electric bass plug-in

Steinberg cubase wont recognize my electric bass plug-in on new laptop Works fine on my Desktop

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Isn’t the plug-in block listed by any chance?

No it isn’t and my licenses are on the elicenser and are supposed to work !


Which plug-in exactly do you have in mind, please?

Electric Bass order # 216345403 (see error message attachment)
Songwriter Essentials - VST Sound Instrument Set order # 214121986


I see, so the library is missing.

As far as I know, this is a library, you have to buy the license for. It’s not part of Cubase. Did you buy the license, please?

Yes $223 for the Bass & $31 for Songwriter Essentials!


Did you store the license to the USB-eLicenser? Or does it sit in the Soft-eLicenser of the other computer?

Yes I did


Could you please attach a screenshot from the eLCC application? Make sure the USB-eLicneser Number, same as the Soft-eLicenser Number has been blurred.

After re-registering, reloading, re-installing & everything else, it seems to work but I still get this message on Cubase opening. Can I get rid of that ?


If you didn’t buy these libraries, open Steinberg Library Manager and remove them.

If you buy them, attach the eLCC screenshot, please.

Got it ! I removed the items that didn’t belong and it seems to work now ! Thank you Case closed !

With Cubase 12, Songwriter Essentials Drum Librairies & Electric Bass Librairies don’t work without the dongle ! Defeats the purpose ! ! Neither does Basic FX suite which comes with my UR24 STEINBERG interface !


On this screenshot we don’t see either the license sits on the USB-eLicenser or in the Soft-eLicenser. You can see it when you select one of it on the left side.