Cubase wont recognize plugin even though its already in ?

Yesterday I installed Cubase 7 and managed to copy all my plug-ins across just fine except one of them!
I used Cubase 5 before.
When I opened a project that I had on Cubase 5, It recognized all the other plug-ins fine except from FabFilter Pro-Q!
I have used that EQ in so many tracks and I really need it back.

Now the weird part. I can open FabFilter Pro-Q in Cubase 7 and it works well but for some strange reason Cubase wont recognize it when I open some projects!

Here are some images -

Another image -

Another image -

Why post here and not the main forum? This isn’t a bug or bug report. :confused:

:astonished: I got confused with all these subforums lol, ill post it there now! thanks for that mate!