Cubase won't save the resizing of Supervision

When i make a template of what i want to see from Supervision it doesn’t save the preferred dimensions. It just snaps back to the minimal settings when i open Supervision. The modules are there, but not at the size i want. Is this a known problem?

Try setting up a ‘work space’ works every single time here :wink:

yes, this was a very annoying problem for me for a long time. I don’t know what happened or if I did something to fix it. Now I have it stay in the same position and size, but I wish Steinberg would give us a full-screen mode as many of us run it on a separate monitor.

you could try to resize the plugin with all the metering info you want to a preset and set it as default. That might be the solution, I can’t quite remember what I did but I did post about this some time ago before too.

The presets (I think you mean this with template) doesn’t store the window size.
If you use the plugin in control room, it always opens with the last configured settings.

Thanks for the tip, but it didn’t work.

That worked Thanks! But i find it strange that it just doesn’t remember the dimensions on a master bus. It’s so stupid that a free plugin like voxengo span can. I rather use stock plugins for the simplicity.

The method is different on both of these.
Voxengo safes settings for all plugins (GUI style, zooming, size) in a global file.
Position is stored in the project file, as it is for the stock plugins.
Additionally, the stock plugins store size and other settings in the DAW project.

None of them stores the size and position in the presets. This would prevent compatibility between systems and platforms applied to presets.

Thanks for the additional info. A global file would be a great solution for SuperVision.