Cubase won't start again once after it's turned off unless I

Cubase won’t start again once after it’s turned off unless I reboot the computer.

if I go to the Task Manager to check, it is shown as a running application, but no matter how long I wait, it won’t load. (when I start the program fresh, it immediately starts up)

Once I close the program and if I ever want to go back and turn it on, It can only be started & function again once after a reboot.

I have reinstalled my cubase number of times and reinstalling won’t fix the issue.

This is really annything
Please help


Any information about Cubase version and OS version (Windows, Mac, which version?) would help here.

In general, this sounds like the eLicenser Control Center application is frozen, to me. Make sure, you have up-to-date eLCC application (regarding your system, again).