Cubase won't start up - stops loading and freezes

Hi! My cubase stopped working yesterday. I had Cubase 10. When I opened it, it loaded for a bit but froze while loading “VST-Transit”.
Tried to upgrade to Cubase Pro 11, but that does the same, but it stops on “Scanning VST3 Plugins.”

I running a Macbook Pro from 2017, with MacOS 10.15.7

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

Best wishes


Could you try to remove the VST Transit from the Components, please?

I’m having the same issue tonight. I uninstalled plugins that I just added since the last time it was all working and still getting freeze on start up.

It will start if I disable all 3rd party plugins.


Then it’s clear, the issue is in one of the 3rd party plug-in. Make sure, your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Thanks - yes - solved it by determining a new plugin that required iLok was not installed correctly. Once I reinstalled - all is well.

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