Cubase won't stop playback when pressing spacebar

so something must have happened today - Cubase 12 did hang, I killed it via task manager

When I restarted Cubase I noticed that in certain VSTi (like Korg Monopoly) the music won’t start or stop when pressing the spacebar if I have adjusted some knobs in the instrument (like the window is active) - I must then press my mouse on another part of Cubase before I press the spacebar then the music will start/stop like expected again. Very very annoying!!

This has never happened to me before, there must be a setting somewhere?

I don’t have the problem with plugins like Soundtoys or Halion

Does anyone with any ideas about what is causing it?

Sorry, can`t help. I have to either restart the whole computer and everything else attached and then restart.

Or…just leave it and eventually it will stop playing.

Cubase is a box of problems and always will be but not as bad as ProTools.