Cubase workflow

Hey guys quick workflow question.
I usually have 3 projects for each song:

  • ideas
  • mixdown
  • master

Ideas predominatly to create the arrangement i.e. drums MIDI/bass MIDI & guitar L + R DI & FX
Then i mix it on the mixdown project
The master it/add glitches or special FX on the master project.

Is this what you guys do, not sure if its a proper workflow to make music.
I mostly make death metal & electronic metal (similar to DOOM)

Thanks any tips/better ideas would be appreciated

If it works for you, why not do it like that? I don’t think there is a “proper” workflow, everyone is different.
I personally like to keep everything in one project.

If you’re both mixing and mastering it, imho there is no need to have a separate mastering project as long as your CPU can handle it. However I’d like to keep my unused/preproduction ideas out of the final project.
I have several subgroups (Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, etc) which all go into the “mix buss” group, which then goes to the master out/Stereo out. So:

All your mix buss processing is done on the mix buss, and then your master processing is done on the master/stereo out. I do that, cause I want to have them separated, you could also put everything on the Master out however.

In the end there is no “one way” to do this. Just do what makes it efficient, without any handicap.

I use one Cubase project for the entirety, and use “Save new version” liberally as the project evolves through the stages.

This allows me to easily change a part or change a mix, when I wish to do so even while already having started the mastering process.

Yep, “Save new version” and automatic backup files are a must.

perfect I didnt know about this feature ill try it out.

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