Cubase X as one of the biggest update, should be a game changer:

Steinberg development should make sure that Cubase X bring almost 80% of the features requested by users since X mark the complete decade of the DAW existence.
To mention the Few:
1.Smart tool
2.Full whole mixer coloring, track background catching the track color in the channel window, and instrument rack coloring in the left zone, all be automatic color coded.
3.The beat designer being overhauled to work more like step sequencer, in the lowerZone.
4. More resizable plugins, e, g Helion Soni, Groove Agent, etc… And so on and so on and so on…

This coming updates should be a turning point and game changer for Cubase users.

  1. Why the roman numeral?
  2. Cubase has existed for more than a decade, 28+ years actually.
  3. How is it suddenly going to have all the things you’ve ever wanted, realistically? Unless it will actually take a decade for it to come out.
  4. Be smart, limit suggestions to 1 & only 1 per thread

The current number series started with Cubase SX1. Before that there was the Cubase VST, that was in version up to 5. So it will be version cubase 15 that you call cubase X. I should prefer if they focus on completing the features that have more than adding more features. But I guess that it will a bit of everything, new bugs, new features, new plugins and few bugfixes.

We currently on Cubase 9.5, waiting the :keycap_ten: version. I am not talking about the existence of the DAW is it relates to its age, i know its older with two decades and more years, but i am referring to its Version numbers marking the decade cycle.
In terms of marketing engineering, the bigger numbers are always a key to make notable changes or improvements, making customers happy and raising sales.
Lastly, it all comes to feature request implementation by the SB team… I don’t need to win any debate unless required to do so.

They could do a easter-egg with a skin themes as the cubase 1. :wink: