Cubase x64, can't read previous 32bridge plugins/vsts?

Not sure if im doing something wrong, but why projects done in 32 bit, with plugins ofcourse in 32 bit, and if after, we try to open in 64, can’t be read?

I mean plugins in 32 bit can’t open automatically bridged… is need it to load again, and the problem with this, is than is tedious by doing one by one and the loading the preset and so on

is there some way to do this? :question:

Steinberg has something called VST Bridge integrated, so they should work. My experience is often they did not (back in the day). There is an application called JBridge, that does work and it is not expensive. I only have one 32 bit plugin nowdays so I can’t really say, but Jbridge was a good investment for me


I was forced to have Jbridge as well, actually is what I use, but my doubt is about VST bridge, is very strange than cubase engineering can’t communicate 32 bit plugins used in cubase x32, to cubase x64 and automatically bridging those plugins…

maybe this should be in main requests and personally I think must be in some free update, I can’t see any sense on have VST bridge if cannot work in the expected way for old projects done in 32 with some plugins than is impossible to have them in 64, FL Studio from long time ago can do this for example…

I’m sorry to be bearer of bad news, but this is not going to improve. Cubase 9 will be 64-bit only and it won’t include the VSTBridge, thus dropping support for all 32-bit plug-ins.
Bridging creates more and more performance and stability issues in recent OSs (as well as application hangs on exit, even with jBridge), marking the end of this transition.

Will we still be able to use JBridge Fabio?

Yes, that should be no issue. I didn’t check myself yet, but I do have a few old 32-bit plugs and a license for jBridge, I’m actually curious to see.

Whew! I have a gorgeous Hammond B4, from NI that I would not want to ditch! My only 32 bit plugin

If steinberg will continue to let us use a previous versions of cubase on the newest license, the problem is also solved by keeping an installation of cubase 8.5 or earlier, even if you would upgrade to 9. Maybe not optimal solution, but its an option.

You can already do this, installing a new version leaves the old intact