For some reason I cannot post in the Cubase forum, so maybe someone here can answer a question for me. I have been a Nuendo user since N3 to N5. I find myself basically just doing music pretty much exclusively other than some music videos and commercials. I am thinking about moving over to Cubase 7 instead of N6. I am trying to figure out what I will be missing. I use the control room (is that available in Cubase and is it the same?), what else?

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I agree that with Bredo, but another missing thing in Cubase is the ability to send from an output to another and some export options. I use them all time.


I’ve been thinking the exact same thing recently too - this update seems like it’ll be the one to divide the community here, I’m mainly music production too.

Have owned both since v1 jumping between cubase/nuendo updates mainly to get the newest features - but Cubase now always seems one step ahead on features and bug fixes (wasn’t always the case) and having to pay for NEK when you also own Cubase just always seemed a bit of a kick in the teeth to me, all it needed was a simple dongle check.

Will be interesting to see an official comparison list between N6 vs C7 - couldn’t find anything online the old comparison link is dead. Will probably keep N5 installed for OMF/EDL support but nothing else enticing me to stay with Nuendo at the moment.


Can you give me an example of extended output routing? (by asking this I am guessing I don’t use it).
One of the main reasons for me using Nuendo has also been that running a studio, in some people’s (customer’s) mind Nuendo sounds more “high end/pro”, than Cubase. I know it’s not the case, but that is one thing that has me worried (customer base).

Another thing I can’t figure out is the cross grade price to go from Nuendo to Cubase.


The audio engine is the same between Nuendo and Cubase.

About routing, I use output routing to have different mixes. For example, in all my mixes, I have and Stereo Out, just with my master buss chain, a “limited” out, with a limiter activated so, when I export, I have two stems. You can do the same with groups, but it’s not that straight.

I am too considering. Would like to know crossgrade price from N5 to C7.

I don’t think there is a crossgrade option from Nuendo to Cubase. I could be wrong, but seems I’ve read that here before.

I’ve been scoring with Cubase recently (tried 7, but video is buggy, so back to 6.5), and the only things I prefer in Nuendo for that are multiple marker tracks, multiple video tracks, and some of the routing options.

Edit mode is in Cubase, fyi (if you need to scrub spot markers, clips, fx, etc). Not as a key command or button, but as a midi controller command - in the transport device if assigning from a generic remote.

Now it’s out - is there an official “difference between Nuendo6 and Cubase7” document online?