CUBASE10/Nuendo10 - HiDPI and Arturia Plugins issue

I really can’t work on HiDPI with my Arturia Bundle (newest updates included). Arturia supports HiDPI resolutions and scalling of their plugins too.

For my testing purposes I’ve just completely reinstalled my computer. With newest Win10/64 iso, drivers only and Nuendo and one VSTi plugin from Arturia. I have high-end PC. And I just can’t work. How to solve this please? Thx a lot.

video of this issue here:

This is a known and documented issue. Cubase 10, Nuendo 10 and I believe all Steinberg plugins on Windows only support integer (whole number) scaling in HiDPI mode.

Hopefully full HiDPI support for Windows will come along soon. Your best option for now is likely to turn off HiDPI mode in Cubase and Nuendo.

yeah… this is a known issue. But tell me. Is that normal in year 2019 with 4k displays all around, with annual 10th version of Cubase10/Nuendo10. Where from the version 8 as I remember, then 9 update 9.5 was told on all updates, that there is a new optimalisation for HiDPI… and then version 10, and then another updates. Now is 30th anniversary of Steinberg… so is that normal, when every other software has this, that my beloved cubase still missing this optimalisation, even I spent 2000 bucks on all my licenses and crossgrades to Nuendo10 in hope, that next upgrade will finally solve it? This is ridiculous :frowning:( I look like a looney before my clients. Without HiDPI is everything blurry and size of the plugins is not ideal for 4k… with HiDPI on it is even worse. This is just crazy, that such an easy feature Cubase still didn’t implemented. Like I suggest to solve it. I am not a PC amateur, so I know, this scaling is easy overideable. Every other DAW software has this already. They can make switch for doublesized size of plugins just by duplicating its size on HiDPI… it will has the same blurryness, as on NonHiDpi setting. But still 1000x better than this 2 or 3 years fight with this crazy issue. It is so easy to change that. This could be made with a few pieces of code. … please. Steinberg.

so easy it can be, see the picture.

If it was just a “few pieces of code”, it would have been done for Cubase 10 and Nuendo 10. Arbitrary scaling High DPI support on Windows is not easy to get right, especially when working with third party plugins. Windows’ High DPI API only matured fully in Windows 10 1703, which released two years ago. To get High DPI right, you have to work in a per thread and per window aware way.

I think Steinberg are under no illusion that the current situation is sub-optimal and arbitrary scaling High DPI is needed. I hope we well see it in the next version of Cubase, but it is something we have to be patient about. If it was easy to get it right, it would have been done already.

In this case it is actually Arturias problem. Their plugins do NOT support HiDPI scalling. It is a known issue with Arturia. I’ve been in touch with them and they promised an update. Don’t know when though.

David, believe me. It is very easy to put any plugin in vector FRAME and this frame could be stretched freely then. Yes, on non HiDPI plugins the picture will get blurred a bit, but still, this will be almost the same blurriness as on NonHiDPI setting in Cubase. To make this, will be programming for some hours only, not for 2 years, as we all waiting for that. (another DAW companies doesn’t have this issue) So it is possible! Now with such a boom of sold licences on Cubase 10 (30th anniversary) … I hope, we finally will have this functional update (not payed one).

just a frame on vector basis, textured with the plugin on the background. So you are stretching only the texture on this, in fact, no deep programming, or manipulation with the code of badly programmed (or missing support) nonHiDpi plugin needed. You take only its envelope, (the plugin projection to the screen) … and strech this on a frame. Yes, you will get some artifacts, but on HiDPI it will have almost the same blurriness as on NonHiDPI setting. It is like a video, stretched on a frame of any MediaPlayer. Even you don’t have 4K, or HD source, you can stretch your LQ video on fullscreen of a 4K monitor.

btw… the Arturia has also its own frame, which is stretched to the window (frame), you define its size inside of this arturia plugin. So the only thing for solving that… is to put there another “master” frame on top of that. So you can stretch this VST windows freely then

So you are mad at Steinberg for not fixing issues with badly programmed nonHiDPI plugins from other developers. Why do they still have nonHiDPI plugins in 2019? NI is even worse then Arturia. Don’t blame Steinberg, blame the companies that are putting out these plugins.

I blame Steinberg, because

  1. ALL other DAWs can handle this.
  2. Solution for this is easy
  3. I’ve got an answer from Steinberg recently, they are working on it now. That they know about this issue
  4. they are “working” on it for at least 2 years, because every new update and patch is marked as "now with better Hi DPI support. It changed nothing for years and months.
    So YES, I blame the Steinberg for sure
    If they tell - no we will NOT SUPPORT nonhdpi plugins anymore. And we can’t bring our software to work properly for a two years (now I am talking only about Cubase/Nuendo, not plugins!) because menus and windows are off the screen on 150% DPI scaling, which is pretty common on 4K displays… so I would say ok. I am going to another DAW. But not… for 2years I am hearing and reading issues with Cubase’s menus off the screen (and the same with plugins). Is the same programming pattern problem.

To be clear. I am using steinberg’s stuff for 30years now!!! Yes, I am with steinberg for 30years. I started on Atari1040. So as an loayal and paying customer I have the right to say, hey guys, I am looking like an idiot before my clients, because nothing else but your Cubase/Nuendo causing this issues. I have tons of legal SW and Daws (even on HiDPI) and there is not a SINGLE issue. Btw. Steinberg invented VST, VST3 so they should be able to prepare limits for the code, to be functional on their own DAW. But I am saying this last time, it is nit about plugins only. It is about Cubase/Nuendo engine itself too. Because 100 and 200% scaling only.
That is from my point of view.