Cubase10 Shows Some Broken Text in Macro

Only Cubase Pro 10 has this problem (Cubase 5~9.5 have no problem)

Windows10 1803 64bit (Korean)
Cubase Pro 10 64bit 10.0.5 and 10.0.10 (English)

1.Edit- key commands…
2.Show macro
3.New Macro
4.insert Macro Name (Korean Text)
6.Restart Cubase
7.Cubase Pro 10 Shows broken Macro Name (some text are broken)

Logical Editor presets and Projects Logical Presets with Korean are OK, to only macro name occur this problem.

After I Checked Key commands.xml file,
I noticed that Cubase 10 Key commands.xml file have different entity codes from ealier cubases.

I attached two screeshots. Marked text is broken.