Cubase11 average

Hello can someone tell me if from 10.5 to 11 it has problems with the average. For me in the same project with the same mix when I open it at 11 in maxed.but in 10.5 the average its in the middle.pleaee help.sorry for my bad English.

what you mean with “average”

Cpu level

Most probably due to ASIO-Guard
You can find the setting in Studio Setup>Audio System

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No friend i have enabled Asio-Guard.I’m worried if it is from the sound card because they have never released an update since 2013. motu 828 mk3. I updated windows (and I think but I’m not sure) that’s where the problem started.

I didn’t say it’s a problem.
Depending on your project, if ASIO Guard is enabled, this is a normal behavior.

Yes it’s enabled.

I find the problem my friend thank you for you help. It was the altiverb 7 for some reason after update Windows is crashed. I unistall and install again and his work perfect.