Cubase11: C0 keyswitch causes the instrument to make no sound

Hey guys,

It sounds like a problem with my sample library, but I checked it in another DAW and there’s no problem. I also checked in Cubase 8 and it’s working! I’m having many different problems with my vsts but this one makes it very difficult to work.

I’m using the Kontakt library Cinematic Studio Strings, and when I use the keyswitch c0, the library makes no sound. The keyswitch just switches to legato articulation:

The library does make sounds if I’m using this articulation but when pressing the c0 it becomes quiet…

It sounds like a problem with the library, but again in a different DAW with the exact same MIDI it works perfectly.

I’ve been having lots of problems also with this library but this is new, it wasn’t like this a week ago, maybe is there something I could try? I don’t know what to do, I want to work with Cubase 11 but having difficulties. Should I downgrade? Has anyone experienced something similar?

Thank you very much in advance


Could you double-check the Remote Devices in the Studio > Studio Setup, please? Make sure, your MIDI keyboard is not in use as the Input of any Remote Device (especially Mackie Control), please.

Hello Martin and thank you.

Did you mean this please:

I don’t have a MIIDI keyboard connected physically.

Now out of the blue after opening and closing many new projects, it’s working again and I didn’t do anything so not sure what’s going on. Can we please leave the thread open and I’ll try to troubleshoot further? It seems like a bug I think:/ because it’s working for no reason

Thanks again