Cubase12 account does not display activated computers

Hello, I installed Cubase on three of my computers today, but your website was stuck today and I couldn’t log in. Finally, I managed to log in, but it got stuck and couldn’t be activated. Clicking to activate did not respond. Finally, I found out that the number of activated computers is no longer displayed under my account, but it reminded me that I can no longer activate them. May I ask what is the matter? If possible, please help me reset my computer. Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is the limit. One license can be activated at up to 3 systems.

I know that only three computers can be activated, but my problem is that I cannot find the activated computer name on my account, which shows 0, which means I cannot manage it. I want it to return to normal so that I can clearly know how many computers have been activated.