Cubase12 and EZDrummer 2

Hi All,
I’ve recently updated my CB11Pro to CB12Pro and being quite happy with everything…so far, so good…but here comes the issue, Cubase12 not seems to recognize my EZ Drummer 2 (Toontrack). Probably it’s based on VST2 technology?
Anyeays, after trying everything from my side, I gave in and called the Thomann technical support and as they said, there must be a solution for this issue, but because CB12 ist still too new and so they weren’t pretty sure…
Contacting the Steinberg support team seems to be useless, cause of endless time waisting in the phone loop.
My question now is, does anybody here in this forum may know a bit more, or does anybody have a solution in terms of what to do, where exactly to install the EZD2 .DLL file? In former version there’s a folder called VST PlugIns. But that don’t exist anymore. All one can find is called either VST Sound, VST XMLs or VST3.
My system is based on Windows10Pro, inteli5 CPU, 16GB Ram, 1 TB memory space. all Software is up to date (Feb09/22)!
Many thanks for all your help, hints and tips!

Problem solved :wink:

How did you solve it?

Hi @Cowbilly !

How did you solve?

(I’ve got EZD 2, and plan to one day get C12)


Haha… I’ve copied the whole EZD2 folder into here: This PC >> loca(C:) >> Program files >> Steinberg >> VSTPlugIns

Hope I could help

Hi @Cowbilly -

Thanks for the info!