Cubase12 changes OSX Volume to 100% during startup

I just recently upgraded to cubase 12 (from 11) and the first thing I noticed that, wow it hurts my ears. :wink:
Then I noticed that during the startup of cubase 12 the volume of OSX is set to 100%, always.
Just to be precise: This doesn’t happen during the load of the project, but the simple fact of opening cubase changes the OS volume to 100%

Basically my setup is C12 on a 2019 MacBook Pro > Main Out to MOTU Ultralite

Has anyone else noticed that? Is there a way to stop that behaviour? I don’t like when apps interfere with system settings

As an addon question: Has anyone a clue where the OS VOlume setting comes into play? Intuitively I always thoughh that cubase was independent of the system volume as I route in Cubase MainOut to the MOTU. but I aparrently am wrong.