Cubase12 executes macros slower than Cubase 11 and my EUCON controller


maybe someone has an idea why cubase12 executes macros slower then previous versions and very much slower than the same macro programmed into my EUCON controller.

I am on Cubase 12.0.10/ Cubase 11.0.41 windows 10 and use an AVID Dock as my EUCON controller

There are three ways I usually execute a macro in my setup.
1) Use a key Command
If I execute the Macro with the Key Command, I see a verry short flash of the mixer on my Screen. (not an issue on Cubase 11)

2) Call the macro I built in Cubase with my EUCON device
If I use my EUCON controller to call the macro directly I see a long flash (short Flash in Cubase 11) of the mixer on my screen.

3) Program the same Macro I built in Cubase into the EUCON controller
Now if I program the exact same macro directly into my Eucon device I see no flash of the mixer on my screen. (Same in Cubase 12 and Cubase 11)

All three versions of the macro execute without any errors, but the short flash of the Mixer on my Screen is irritating and option 3 shows that the macro can be executed without the mixer flashing up on my screen.

The Macro I built that results in this behaviour was the following:

Q-Link Macro

Building macros in Avids EUCON system is a pain to say the least and if possible, I would like to avoid having to do this.

Is there a way for me to determine/set the time Cubase needs to go through each step of a macro I built?
Or to make cubase execute its macros faster ?

Thanx in advance for any useful hints.