Cubase12 Pro Some Notes Not Responding from Midi Keyboard

Hello, sorry to report Cubase 12 Pro is not responding to some notes played from an Akai MPK249 to Halion Sonic, Ezbass, and other instruments.
I created an empty project
Add an instrument track
Assigned the Akai MPK to track
Played scales and the “F1’” and “G1” notes on the instruments would not respond.
When I raised the keyboard by an octave the problem would occur at “F2” and “G2”.
AS stated above I’m using Cubase 12 Pro on a 2017 iMac running Monterey 15.3 32g Ram.

Using Cubase 11 Pro under the same conditions all notes responded fine (no problems).
Reinstalling Cubase12 Pro presented the same results.

Same thing happening to me with 12. B2 would not sound. I can see Cubase receiving midi data but no sound and nothing showing in piano roll. Just the B2 key and with any instrument

Very strange bug.

Cubase 11 no issues, just 12

i9-9900, Win 10, Nektar Panorama

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Have you checked if scale assistant isn’t turned on and blocking them?

I don’t have that issue at all.

I did not activate the Scale Assistance, is it turned on by default? I’ll check but I think it’s highly unlikely since I can hear all the Key notes using Cubase 11 Pro. But I’ll check, thank you for the reply.

I noticed the reply above your, they are have a similar situation.

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Ok I check and the Scale Assistant is only available in the Key Editor. I opened a new project added an instrument track ( Halion Sonic) and played the keys on my AKAI MPK249, all the keys can be heard when played except “F1” and a”G1”. I don’t have this problem with Cubase 11 Pro at all. There’s a bug in the software that may be related to the Akai MPK , or certain midi keyboards. I noticed the other forum user stated his issue was “B2” not being heard.
I can see the midi window showing activity when the keys are pressed but no response from the keyboard display in Halion Sonic.

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I glad you don’t have that issue and hope you don’t have any issues. I’m looking forward to using Cubase 12 but until I can resolve the problem I’ll be using Cubase 11.

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To troubleshoot it - have you tried a different keyboard if you have one? Have you tried the on-sceen keyboard (Alt+K on Windows)? I assume those notes do play one they’re drawn in a MIDI clip? Have you checked that new MIDI Remote panel in the lower zone? Perhaps there’s some conflict between the old mapping for your keyboard carried over from v11 with this new in v12?

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a workaround that seems to fix the bug just for that session (In Windows) is to Select or Deselect "Use System Timestamp for ‘Windows Midi’ Inputs and "Use Device ‘Direct Music’. I have had it fix the bug checking it or unchecking it because it happens with both but seems to disappear when selecting the one or the other.

I don’t use Mac so not sure if there is some similar setting. This setting is right under the Midi Port Setup

Again, this doesn’t happen in Cubase 11

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This is happening me too. 3 or 4 keys do NOT work. Was not a problem with Cubase 11 Pro. Also the midi mapping for my Maudio Oxygen mk2 61 keyboard looks weird. In Cubase It’s basically a square box with circles in it. Not as pretty as in the promo video for Cubase 12 Pro.

Thank you for your guidance!
I followed your advice and use my MStudio 88 Pro. All of the keys / notes worked fine. In my excitement to use the Midi Remote to get full utilization of my Akai mpk 249 I tried to create a very basic script ( I read when you turn you keyboard on Cubase would identify the unit) , I was also hoping it would recognize the mpk onboard script for Cubase. Well it didn’t so I tampered ie experimented trying to get more usage of the knobs and buttons.

So I deleted the script I created and now all the keys work. I haven’t figured out the relationship between trying to program a knob and keys not playing. I going to sit down and struggle through the document ( VISUAL STUDIO CODE) for scripting keyboards for knobs and slider function.

Thank you for hanging in there with me, much appreciated.

Did you modify a script or tried to customize a script for your keyboard? I did and found out that created my problem. Deleted my custom script from the midi remote manager and now all is fine and working.

I think I clicked on something in that. Thanks I will delete it all and see how that goes thanks

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Thanks man, it solved my issues too. I had to disable a script I began to start for my Panorama. Which was dumb to start with since it already integrates into Cubase perfectly.

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Same ssue here and the workaround worked for me too - thanks!!

I had the same issue. All of a sudden G2 key stopped responding on my Edirol PCR-300. Disabling the script brought it back but then I lost the midi remote functionality. This happened before and I was able to solve it by deleting and then recreating the script. Very frustrating but it works. The workaround didn’t work for me.

This time I dug a little bit deeper. One of the pads on the PCR-300 is also mapped to G2 which I programmed to Deactivate all solo. This is somehow confusing the Midi Remote manager in Cubase 12. I tested it with other pads as well. Same problem. After deleting the remote mapping for those pads problem disappeared.