Cubase13:Octave shift, Control/Pitchbend bugs

I’ve found several bugs.
OS:Windows 10/Language in Cubase:JP

  1. When loading a CPR created in C12 or earlier, the functionality of changing the octave of notes with Shift+Cursor up/down in the Key Editor no longer works. As a workaround, you need to open and activate a project created in C13, then switch back to the old project.
  2. When copying and pasting control data or pitch bend data in the Key Editor, data with a value of 0 is automatically inserted. This results in different data being input simultaneously at the same address, potentially causing errors.
  3. Additionally, there are noticeable specification changes, such as the inability to change the MIDI channel in the Arrange Window using the mouse wheel.


My system: macOS 13; Cubase English.

I’m sorry, I cannot reproduce this on my side. Could you share the project (you can keep just one track, just a few notes for the testing), please?

How did you get to the state, there is no node at the very beginning, please? Could you attach the project with this?

This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Thanks for replying.
now I send project files,regards.

Cubase Bug (34.6 KB)

I had the exact same behavior/solution here.
Cubase 13 Pro running with Rosetta in a “Ventura” Mac Studio M2.


Thank you for the projects.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the Shift+arrow issue on my side. Even not with your project.

The PitchBend issue has been clarified in another thread. Thank you.

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As i said, same problem here.
1: Boot Mac
2: Open Cubase
3: Open a project created on C12 (or from a template created in C12): shift+up not working.
4: Close project
5: create a new empty project in C13
6: Close this new project / open the previous one, from C12 (don’t need to restart Cubase)
shift+up working now as expected.

So… if you open a C12 project AFTER you work/open on a C13 project you wont have this issue.

It sounds like a bug to me. Anyone can confirm this?

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I just tried it, and it didn’t seem necessary to activate the project created with C13.

1: Confirm that Shift+up/Down does not work
2: Launch a new empty project (no need to enable it)
3: Close empty project

This step also resolved the issue.
This will reduce the time it takes to reload plugins when working with large projects, but it doesn’t seem like a fundamental solution.


Sorry, still I can’t reproduce it.

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Same issue here with Shift+up or down arrow to change note octave in the key editor having no effect. For me, I just have to restart Win 11 and boot up the same project and the problem no longer occurs. I’ve had this happen about 5 times so far.

I have the same problem with shift arrow not working to transpose one octave in old projects. The trick with opening a new project and closing it seems to work here. Mac Ventura intel C13.


I’m sorry, I still can’t reproduce it.

What happens, if you press just an arrow up/down? Does the semitone transpose work in this case? Is the focus in the Key Editor?

Yeah I’ve noticed the shift octave midi note bug - hadn’t realised it was to do with C12 projects.

Transposing semitones using the up and down keys works.
However, the function to select multiple notes before and after using Shift+Left/Right also does not work, giving the impression that the Shift key is not recognized.

Can confirm i have had the bug with shift+up/down not moving up/down an octave in cb13 key editor on random projects, didn’t bother to investigate it further as it only affected me occasionally.

Colleague in the studio next to me was also complaining about it.

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I don’t know if it’s related, maybe not, but I’ve also noticed in Mac OS that if the focus is on another program such as Splice. You can navigate up and down in cubase but holding shift doesn’t work and you don’t navigate horizontally.

You can navigate horizontally in C12 when the focus is on another app.


How do you navigate, if the focus is on another application? Do you mean via a remote device?

The Cubase window is still open - but I’m navigating another application, and the OS focus is on the other app, ie the menu bar is showing the other app.


Then I would expect the left/right/up/down keys are controlling the other application. Or am I missing something?

What kind of application exactly are you talking about, please?

It happens with any application - chrome - mac mail - splice.

If you have C12 open plus another app - I notice it in Splice because I’ll be dragging samples over from Splice to Cubase. You can, if the mouse pointer is hovered over the C12 window navigate up and down left and right using the scroll wheel - Left and Right by utilising scroll well in addition to shift.

In C13 you can’t, only up and down works.

ie: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2023-12-01 at - Simplify your life


Thank you for the video, now I understand.

It works for me in Cubase 13 on macOS 13.