Cubase13:Octave shift, Control/Pitchbend bugs

Ok Thanks Martin - maybe it’s do with my security settings.

Sorry for the red herring!

Same issue on Windows : Shift + ↑ doesn’t work anymore on projects created with Cubase 12


Do you guys have Steinberg Hub opened, please by any chance?

Could you take a screenshot of all your screens and attach it, please?

Yes, that’s it!!
If we open a project clicking directly in session icon file (instead of open it through Cubase) Steinberg Hub will still open, hiden behind the edit window.
If we get to it and close it the “octave problem” goes too.
Still… it’s a C13 problem. Never had this before. It doesn’t make sense to open hub if we are openning a project directly from file. (as i did manny times in the last 20 years)


I was really hoping this was fixed in 13.0.20.

Is this a bug that is being fixed, or are we seriously being forced to work with this clunky Hub? If I could burn the Hub I would…

Most frustrating day I’ve ever had with a DAW goes to Steinberg :clap:

Same Here. Cubase 13 is really baggy on mac and pc. I;m currenty working all my projects in C12. Hope they introduce several fixes in the upcoming update!


Do you have the Hub opened, please?

Was experiencing this issue while opening earlier Cubase version projects like this thread is describing. But the fix of creating a new Cubase 13 project then going back to the previous project does not work.

I’ve also now noticed that transposing by octave in a brand new Cubase 13 project doesn’t work as well. I’m on Mac Sonoma.


Please verify if the Hub window is closed. If it’s not the case, close the Hub, please.

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Cubase Hub being open is the issue…
problem is, sometimes you cant close the cubase hub without opening a new project…

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