Cubase4 and user symbols

Trying to insert a score symbol that looks like a portamento (wavy line between two noteheads).
In the symbol list there is something like that, but going down instead of up. However, when I put it into the editor for user symbols, nothing seems to modify it; there are no handles for stretch; nothing to flip it to going up instead of down. Are all symbols inserted into the symbol editor changeable? If I just want a wavy line from notehead to notehead custom adjusted, how do I go about it?

I’m afraid there is no “freely adjustable” wavy line…
The symbols inside the Note symbols palette (or when you when you click on the “…” symbol in the “Other” symbols palette) cannot be adjusted at all. The one I think you are referring to is a “fall” symbol.
However, in the “Line / Trill” symbols palette, you can freely adjust all the “straight lines” (but not the vertical wavy ones, which are Arpeggio symbols).


Wait! Is it possible to make a wavy line as some sort of drawing object in some other graphics program and import it so that it would be adjustable? If so, what sort of file should it be?
I would have thought Cubase would have all the score symbols covered.