Cubase4 Inserting Tempo Symbol

When I insert the tempo symbol in the beginning of a score (Quarter note =), I get a multiple symbols - all identical - one for each staff. How do I get just one symbol for the entire score. If I have 3 staffs for example, I get three tempo symbols separated the same distance for each staff, and they are movable as one unit.
I am probably doing something stupid but I can’t figure out how to get just one of those tempo symbols.

Score Settings dialog>Layout pane. Uncheck all items in the “L” column except the top one. (btw, that is there, so that, if you ever Hide the top staff, you can still display Layout events (such the Tempo symbol) on the staff of your choice. But I must admit, i have never understood why the default would be all staves.

Thank you muchas vic_france!
Apparently I should read more of the manual about the layout layers and all that stuff.
It is desirable that some of the symbols DO actually apply to three staves. What does one then do to have one tempo symbol but three rehearsal letters, for example? <-probably another stupid question.

Not so stupid :wink:… You can’t actually do that “officially”… you’d have to insert the extra rehearsal marks on the other staves as graphic symbols. But that would only be for that grand staff (conductor?) layout. You can set individually for every new layout (e.g; the single scores).