Cubase5.2.2.and Halion Sonic

I bought and installed Halion Sonic on Cubase 5.2.2. (Windows XP Service Pack 3 ) but cannot authorize it because
eLicenser (newest version ) Licence Control Center does not open. On my Laptop with Windows 7 it works, but not
on XP. Any suggestions ? Handyman.

What do you mean by “cannot authorize it because eLCC does not open”? It doesn’t have to open. If you already have downloaded the license to an USB-eLicenser you only need to connect it to your XP machine in order to authorize the HALion Sonic installation.

If you get any error messages please tell us their original wording.

Hi, forget abouit my post concernig Cubase 5.2.2. and Halion Sonic because very mysteriously the problem
solved itself. I cannot tell what happened but I am happy anyway !