Cubase5 LE and TASCAM US800.

I have tascam us800 with Cubase le5. I connect my keyboard and drum machine togather to the inputs 3;4;5;6. I can hear all,but can’t record. It becomes possible only when i connect instruments to the input 1;2. I made all configuration as described. On tascam driver i see activity in each input.
Any suggestions?
I really need to record two stwreo tracks togather.

In your VST Connections, have you created a stereo input bus for each pair (3+4 & 5+6)?

Have you created two stereo audio tracks? Assigned the proper track inputs?

Yes i did. Check it once more right now. That is a reason of my post. May be I miss some more points?

Thank you I succeeded . Now only MIDI sync need to be configured.