cubase5 studio /wavelab7 and e-licenser

In my (mastering) studio i’m running wavelab7 and for some mixing and things I run cubase 5 studio. I’m running win7pro.
I have both wl7 and cb5 running from the same e-licenser dongle.
Now i’m about to buy a laptop for ‘on the couch’ producing (probably a asus zenbook) and i want cubase 5 to run from that laptop as well.
I do have 2 dongles because i have one that i got with my wl6 license (upgraded to7) and one from the cubase5 box (never used it) and now i’m wondering…
I want to avoid a dongle sticking out of my laptop for practical reasons so i’m wondering if it is possible/legal to run cubase5 studio on my laptop without a dongle with the ‘soft elicenser’? I also want to run cubase (from the dongle) on my studio PC but never at the same time.

Is that possible or do i need another license for cubase5? Running cubase on both laptop and studio pc will never happen.


and what is the reason?

the reason quite certainly is: its designed to be this way…

So basically it’s only possible to use it with the dongle on both my laptop and studio PC?
Will there be a problem if i use 2 dongles at the same time in my studiocomputer?


I don’ t know anything about your computer, but usually not…

OK, thanks! too bad since i don’t like the dongle sticking out of my laptop.
Just wondering: what if i decide to not use cubase on my studio computer any more but just on my laptop. Can i use the soft e-licenser for cubase5 studio then?

You can not use any version 5 Cubase other than LE/AI 5 with a soft e-licenser.

ah, ok, now i get it. I had a customer coming over last week with his laptop running cubase6 with the soft elicenser which surprised me because i didn’t see that before.
Anyway… no problem, just wondering.

OK, now that i’m asking here, i have another one concerning this.
I have 1 dongle in my studio computer with wabelab7 and cubase-studio5 running on the same dongle. Now i want to transfer the license from cubase to the other dongle i have so that just cubase is moved and wl7 is still on the other dongle.
I see instances where you move licenses from let’s say, 2 dongles to 1 dongle but not from 1 to 2. I really don’t want to screw things up (wavelab7 not working any more) because then i have quite a serious problem because i need it for mastering everyday.
How do i need to dos this? anyone?

Surely not Cubase 6 - Cubase Elements 6 maybe…

Well, the same simple way you move licenses from 2 dongles to one: drag´n´drop.
But why not go to the, watch the videos for which someone spent some of his time to explain those things, and if you then still have questions, ask them here…?

It was indeed deadeasy to transfer the license to the other dongle. Drag and drop and done :slight_smile: