Cubase6.5 64bit & Korg Legacy Monopoly

is anyone else getting a problem with Korg Legacy Monopoly and Cubase6.5 64bit.
I have noticed a latency in the Gui display on the Monopoly when using usb or midi controlers on frequency cutoff or any other virtual knob and sometimes a stick when nothing on screen moves on the Gui.
Is this to do with VST Bridge not working very well as it seemed better with Cubase6.
Also the Gui for Korg Legacy Cell does not work, just a blank/white section in a box, although you can change presets.

Same with me, got no GUI in Cubase 6 for Legacy Cell. Had no GUI for MS-20, switched to parameter view and switched back to GUI, worked but just for MS-20, not for Legacy Cell.

What´s this?

Had no issues with MonoPoly so far. Jbridge solved the no gui problem with LegacyCell for me.
I’m on Win7/64 and Cubase 6.51/64.