Cubase6.exe Application Error


I have just installed Cubase 6 on a XP SP2 PC.
The installation went fine but when I want to start Cubase I get this error:
“Cubase6.exe Application Error, the application has failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002).Click OK to terminatie the application”
Cubase 6 wont start.

I also installed Quicktime and Cubase SX3.
Anyone got an idea how to fix this problem?
I allready send a support request to Steinberg but they will not issue specific bugfixes for Cubase 6 and Windows XP because Steinberg does not officially support Windows XP for Cubase 6…
(I do got an other version of Cubase 6 working 100% on an other XP machine btw…)

Thank you.
With regards,
Erik Smeets

Update eLCC to latest. If not, try trashing Prefs.

You mean the SX3 prefs? how do I do this?

anyone? LCC update did not help…

Have you installed .Netframework V3.5 sp1 if not do.