cubase6 , missing files

i need help , every time i do a mixdown (real player) the program keeps sayign that are missing files, i cant make wave files, i didn’t have problems when i used cubase ai 4

OK, are you saying that you are using Real Player, the music player (that’s like MS WinPlayer?) to produce music in Cubase? Or are you saying that the Real Player will not play your Cubase 6 wave files?

Not totally sure what you are saying, but I think you should try mixing your audio files to MP3 and see if the Real Player will play that first. Some wave files are at too high a bit rate to play on some players. You may have selected this in your mixdown window?

Thanks Mr.roos for your help , and yes realplayer is like winplayer or windows player, i’ve done some mixdonw on mp3 and the quality is poor comparing to a wave file, this is what the real player says the file contains an unsupported audio format.the needed code is not installed on your system, i never got this message when i did mixdonws on cubase ai4 ,

The wave file you export from WL is probably 24-bit or of an unknown sample frequency to Real. Try exporting to 44.1kHz and 16-bit. Or, when exporting to mp3, change the mp3 settings to a higher quality (320 kbps, for instance).

Luck, Arjan