Cubase6 on a Mac. Anyone

How are the Mac users finding Cubase6.

Have looked at & there are some interesting comments.

PC users seem to be very happy using XP or 7.

Not so many users on Mac so not really any comments.

Anyone ready to comment would be very helpful to everyone else thinking of using a Mac for Cubase6.


Yes, I’d be interested in this as well, particularly anyone using the 64 bit version with 32 bit plugins. Still deciding whether to take the plunge.


Cubase 6 works fine on Mac.

All my plugins work fine in 32 bit. There are some plugins that don’t run in 64 bit - like all my Waves plugins only run in 32 bit mode, as far as I can see.

The problem on Macs is about the latency…

Since the topic is Cubase 6 should we assume that you are speaking of experience?

I don’t have C6 yet.
That was the problem of C5.5 and unfortunately it doesn’t get improved on C6 as Chris said on another post:


all the optimisations have been made with the Cubase 5.5 update. Hyperthreading is still not supported.



Is there any point in running 64bit mode when I only have 4GB RAM?


Well, I have to say that while latency in Cubase on Mac may not be as good as on PC I can run most projects without problems at 128 samples. This is on my now 3 year old Mac Pro (see my signature below) and with mainly virtual instruments. Simpler projects also run at 64 samples and I can also play live single Vsti’s without drop-outs at 32. Occasionally I have to raise the buffer to 256 samples for larger projects but that’s ok for me.

I think performance depends very much on the drivers for your audio interface, for example running at a given number of samples doesn’t always produce the same latency in milliseconds when using different interfaces. So if you find performance at lower latencies unacceptable then it may also be your audio driver’s fault. I’m very satisfied with the Metric Halo drivers, they are absolutely stable and fast and provide an input latency of around 4 ms at 128 samples (as reported by Cubase).
To be honest I haven’t noticed much change after the so called optimizations in 5.5 in comparison to the versions before… but as performance was ok for me already before, it didn’t bother me much. I haven’t tested C6 very much until now because I have to finish a project in C5 first but performance seems to be the same as in 5.5. What I have noticed though was the change from Mac OS 10.5 to 10.6: projects that before needed 256 samples now run at 128.

Of course I would love to see further optimizations regarding multi-core and low latency performance but it might also be the fault of OS X itself that - according to some tests from various knowledgeable people I’ve read - can’t provide the same low latency performance as Windows. Logic does have a better low latency performance than Cubase on Mac but it kind of cheats… it works with two separate buffers, one for playback and one for recording and as a result only the tracks you’re recording to run with the low buffer you specify in your audio settings while the rest of the tracks run at a significantly higher buffer (usually 1024 samples but I think you can set it also to 512 and 2048).
So I don’t know if Steinberg can optimize it much further on their own, but of course I hope that they will manage to do it nevertheless :slight_smile:

Running Cubase 5.5 and Nuendo 4.3 on Mac routinely at 128 samples with RME hardware - as stated above, OSX.6 is key to this.

I can run down to 32 samples but little point.

Mixing with multi VSTi’s needs 256 or sometimes 512.

Thanks for all the Feedback on this.

Yes i did mean 64bit on a Mac Pro 8 core 12gig of Ram running multiple tracks & 3 people Jaming on vst synths & recording audio as well.

Seams as though i might get latency issues with a Mac from your comments which would be a problem if i was Jaming with 3 other people & trying to record say 30 mins of it.


Maybe Mac for the way i want to use Cubase6 can’t do the job yet. :confused:

Maybe i should go for a Scan Pc instead. :open_mouth:

Perhaps the Latency issue will be resolved later this year. :question:


Can’t see any real changes in performance changes for good or bad, except that jog is not working properly but im not sure if it’s a performance problem or anything else.

Cubase 6 is working great here had no problems with any of my 3rd party plugs