Cubase6-Wind7- TASCAM DM-24 Issues

I installed the drivers using the install unsigned drivers mode. I ran the dseo13b and signed the drivers.

I even found an amazing mix map that allows me to get 32 tracks of mixer here

But I cant see any audio ports. Nothing in or out. I open VST connections and nothing. Any thoughts?

tascam is extremely picky about what firewire its connected to.
it must be firewire 400 with TI chipset and the card can not be a combo card (has 400 and 800)
many times even onboard Ti firewire can be an issue

this is a system that has worked for years with cubase sx3 and xp.

I simply upgraded the os and cubase.

I know it all works together

It doesn’t matter if it worked together with SX3 and XP. That doesn’t prove anything about C6/Win7 combination. It still MAY (while I doubt it, it MAY) be an incompatibility with your DM’s FW-card and your DAW’s FW interface. Please follow JCschild’s advice and check out your DAW’s FW chipset.

I looked in device manager and saw nothing about the chipset how do I tell?

I am not using the onboard card, Cubase 3 didn’t like that so I got a card.

also an note, the MIDI communication is working, I am using Generic Remote and my faders are communicating across the Interface, just not the audio.

I am happy to buy another card if that is the fix, just need to know how to tell what I have and what I need

thank you for the help,

Have you selected the correct ASIO driver in device setup?

Wow, what a rookie mistake! I did not select the correct ASIO Driver. Amazing how well it works now :blush: , THANK YOU!

My previous configuration was so stable I did not mess with it for years, I just used it.

I hope my current config is the same way.

Thank you again