Cubase7.5 Importing or Exporting

I Have Projects in my Cubase7 That I want to Transfer to my Cubase 7.5. Can someone please explain in detail how I would go about doing this.

Simply open it, or what’ s the problem? Have you even tried before posting…?

Each Cubase has separate projects. If your not trying to help don’t answer…

I think you were being helped. Your Cubase 7 project will also open in 7.5

  1. I answer whenever I want to no matter if you like that or not.
  2. Take your own advice, and if you have no clue at all about what you´re doing, first try the advice you get before answering in such a manner… :unamused:

It’s a common misconception among non-technical people (and we all started that way:-) that work is stored “within” the program that opens them. It isn’t It’s a file, in a folder, on your computer.

Open Cubase 7.5. Forget about any “recent files” list. In the File menu click Open, navigate to wherever the Project folder is, choose the one you want.

And if you then want to save this as a discrete “7.5” version of your composition, simply use the ‘save as’ menu and call it something that makes sense to you like “my composition Cubase 7point5 version”

Thinkingcap gives you the correct answer to quite a stupid question and you are just rude in your reply.

What’s that about?

There is no question that’s stupid, only the responses. Every person using Cubase doesn’t have all the answers, and which your mouth , this is a professional form … I Thought !!!

And in the future if you think a Question is Stupid … Don’t Reply!!!

And here is an example of a stupid, inaccurate and rude response to a fellow member trying to help you.

Don’t Help, your help is extremely Rude. and condescending to say the less … So in the further DON’T RESPOND
We are not on this Form for Childish personalities… Only Helpful input… genius… So Thanks but no Thanks