Cubase7.5 stuck on initializing :mediabay

Cubase7.5 stuck on initializing :mediabay is anyone else having this problem

I have indeed have this happen.
You don’t give your system specs, so I don’t know if my reply will be appropriate to you…
It would appear that something has gone wrong with your OS cataloguing. I am on Mac here, and a quick “Disk Repair”, via the Mac’s Disk Utility (even though it usually reports that all was ok anyways :wink: ), plus a reboot, and all is well again.
If you are on PC, I have no idea if a similar method will work.

Oh yeah forgot about putting my specs up and yes I’m on a pc i did a reboot and nothing it still got stuck. So I left it alone and about 12 minutes later it started right up shut it down and started again and now no problems…weird

I’ve had the same issue. Very frustrating. I haven’t found a solution other than a reboot. A restart of the program doesn’t seem to do it.