cubase7 64bit

i"m running cubase 7 & windows7(64 bit). can i use superior 2 as my drum program & do i have to order a 64 bit version?

Windows 7 64 / Cubase 7 64 / Superior Drummer 2.0 64 is a great combination.

Both 32 and 64-Bit versions are included. You can choose a custom install and select only what you need. For example, I chose to only install the 64-Bit VST version.

Superior Drummer makes me happy! :smiley:

thnx gr8ly appreciated

loaded superior 2 on my pc ,don’t see it in cubase ? (wrong path ?)

Did you use the default Superior installation settings or did you point the installer to a folder of your choice?

Either way, you will probably need to locate the folder containing the 64-Bit Superior Drummer .dll file and direct Cubase to search that folder. Possibly something like Program Files -> Steinberg -> VST Plugins?

After adding the folder to your VST 2.x Plug-in Paths, restart Cubase and it should show up.