Cubase7 hangs on closing - NO MORE (WTF ?!)

EDIT : Apparently, I rushed into conclusions. read downstairs…

I just wanted to share :

I was reading the other day a solution someone found (ie. Steinberg rep. guided him) to the CPU spikes.

Now, I, too, had CPU spike at 128 samples (3ms) latency (3ms was a NO-GO)… so I thought: what the hell.

Well, it turned out that not only did it fix my 3ms spikes, but as it turned out - Cubase does not hang at exit anymore (and it DID… for an annoying period of time).

What I did is what steinberg advised :

I Moved both preferences folders of C7 and C6 somewhere else. I booted C7, letting it gather it’s preferences from scratch. then moved C6 perferences back. then tweaked C7’s preferences to my liking.

As of now (and two finished tracks later) I have no spikes nor hangs at exit (knock wood).

Dear Steinberg :

I have a feeling that the preferences area is causing a lot of grief for us users. I would suggest that upon loading the first time, users should have an option to CHOOSE whether C7 will get its preferences from previous settings or start fresh.

Just a suggestion.

Users should read the documentation. There is an entire knowledgebase entry devoted to troubleshooting.

The process you described in your post is precisely what is listed in the troubleshooting steps, no more, no less. Had you done the research you would have ironed out your issue within 15 minutes of installation.

It’s basic to using complex software like Cubase, or any other daw. Would you go camping without knowing how to tamp out your campfire?

So many posts ask questions that can be solved in this manner, and many forum members answer them, because it’s fun and it’s nice to feel useful. I have learned tons from the forum over the years. But this creates a kind of nanny culture, a consumer entitlement if you will. The moderators of the forum have to be too polite, and they would never say rtfm, and even saying rtfm opens one up to criticism.

I am crabby this morning, but it’s all true.


How will you ever know?

That was actually just a polite and subtle way to say, “No that’s not correct. But thank you anyway for your response.”

Nope, at this section, cubase is in 6/8.

No, like i stated before, it doesn’t ever resolve.

Since it doesn’t actually resolve every third time like you supposed, I don’t think this is applicable. I did try moving the piece to where the change to 6/8 happened at different measure number to see if your suggestion would help. It didn’t do anything.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond. It wasn’t exactly what I needed for this problem though.

I’m right to the exact extent that I’m right. It is easy to find info I was talking about. Nothing arcane or requiring more effort than visiting a website and searching or browsing for info.

I rarely post anything so vinegar-y and I was not directing it at you personally.

There are MOUNTAINS on info, Steve. MOUNTAINS.

I come here every day, few times a day (and I guess I’m not the only one)…to “research”. it’s impossible to nail it every time. simply impossible. TMI, friend… TMI.

FWIW, I AM using the program for my own benefit and I just suggested a solution to those that could not “find” a cure to an aggravating problem.

I’m outta here. good day :slight_smile:

No, Steve. :smiling_imp:

Apparently, I rushed into conclusions.

Today, C7 started spiking on me again. so, I moved preferences in and out (again) and I have to test again tomorrow.

Something is wrong with the preferences, and it facks everything. it’s a slow and aggravating beta process but I hope they’ll sort it out.