Cubase7 video despair

So I thought C7 will eat any video format, but it does not. I have a DivX5 file which C7 reads fine. I have another DivX5 file which C7 refuses to import properly. Import is done instantly, thumbnails are missing, video playback is blank.

Are there restrictions on the resolution or aspect ratio? The file that works fine is 480 x 270 @ 25 fps. The file that doesn’t work is 480 x 272 @ 25 fps. Same Codec.

Any help appreciated.


I’ve found that the easiest way to get a video track into Cubase is to convert it first. Have a look on for conversion utilities. I find Handbrake quite good, and the “Universal” preset works every time for me. If you convert down to a low video resolution (frame size) it will also place less strain on the CPU when playing back, while still remaining good enough to allow you to sync music to it.

For video conversion I use Any Video Converter Free and paid versions.