Cubase8.5 and Maschine 2.4

Hi I would like to use Maschine as a plugin then export midi from Maschine sequencer to Cubase… Does anyone use Mashine cubase

Hi Mark, I dont have Maschine but I have Komplete Kontrol and Ultimate 10. I am having so many problems with my Cubase 8.5 for a year or more that I was thinking of dumping it. Can you tell me what the Maschine software is like to use and can you record audio track as in vocals? Also wondered if my Steinberg VST instruments would work in Maschine?


Maschine software works well but using it with cubase would give you more creativity… yes u can use vsti… I also own komplete kontrol and that software should be trashed! I have not had time latley to try the fixes out there for maschine and cubase… but from what I read and watch the videos you can create templates for cubase…

I also have Maschine Studio and Cubase Pro.

Have you found a solution to your issue?

I seen videos where you can drag and drop but have not tried it yet. Wish it was built into the vsti function when in a DAW

still looking for a fix

in VST mode the Maschine Copy midi/audio works exactly the same as it does in standalone mode.

#1 Highlight the sounds you want to “export” in the pattern view
#2 Drag the ‘happy face’ looking icon to your DAW (see the red circle in the image below)

Its actually that easy.

In this example above the “CLOSED SNAKES” will be exported as it is the only selected sound.

You can also perform a RIGHT CLICK of the word DRUMS seen in the mid left of the screen for more extensive MIDI EXPORT features.
Just remember the word will change depending on your project, but it remains in the same location.


Thank you for the detail info… now since I’m being soo needy :slight_smile: is it possible record directly to cubase with the cubase plugin inserted and keep full functionality of my Maschine studio hardware?

I thought for a moment that you hated my answer as I never saw a thumbs up given for the reply. Glad it helped you out there!

I will grab a screen recording program to make a video to explain what I think you need.
Wish me luck in finding a freebie screen recorder for this one !

Sorry for not giving the thumbs up… I’m either on the road or at work… if you could make a video that would be great. Thank u in advance…

Im narrowing my screen recording app choices down as we speak. Seems like a close call between bandicam and camtasia studio. Then I will share this task in an easy to follow format.

I see you use komplete kontrol and studio how do you intergrate both of them? I have both but KK61 and I use it as a slave to studio… maybe when you create a video I will use it as more of a standalone in cubase :slight_smile:

I use the full feature suite of Komplete Kontrol S88 in Cubase Pro as well as in Maschine 2.x like you do. Sometimes I start in Cubase and then do the percussion in Maschine. Other times I do the entire track in Maschine and the loas it as a VST into Cubase. Depends on where the inspiration comes from and how it evolves on its own :laughing:

However MANY of the features of Komplete Kontrol can already be done in Cubase Pro (ie. Chord Track, Arpache, etc) so it can be a bit redundant.

Having an extra S61 (or smaller) is a good idea for gigs. Repeatedly tearing down a home studio can become a bit played out especially when you get home late and IMMEDIATELY have an idea in your head… an extra 30 minute set up time can spoil the mood.

My video guide has been put on hold pending a new MASCHINE update announced yesterday which directly addresses topics introduced in this thread.

See the OFFICIAL UPDATE NOTICE for more details.


Added option to let the user export the whole song range automatically.

You can now browse using only KOMPLETE KONTROL S hardware via Preferences > Hardware > Navigate > Browse Mode
It is now possible to modify the Audio & MIDI settings from MASCHINE’s Preferences.

This list is subject to change, and does not necessarily list all features and fixes that will be in the final update.

Imminent update - it may be best to wait before making a training video that can be obsolete within days. :frowning:

Back to training myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow I can’t believe I missed this update yesterday! Thanks this is great news!!

I have just downloaded the NEW update today.
Hopefully I will find some time to walk myself through it soon. After that I will be more than happy to teach you how to do the things you need Mark.

if you master it first. Feel free to share the details here.

I have read a lot of negative reactions to the update waiting awhile…

Care to share these negatives?

I have seen zero so far. I am intrigued.

On the NI forum there was a lot… until the update hotfix