Cubase8.5 and Maschine 2.4

Seems certain 3rd party VSTs were bringing Maschine to its knees.

Lucky for me I did not use any of the noted 3rd party VST and did not experience the bugs. Downloading the new “hotfix” when I get back to my Maschine tomorrow.

Still waiting for the vid if possible

Anyone use maschine as a plugin?

My problem now since i have been creating beats in maschine 2
. Now i have been dragging and dropping the midi in vst … problem it is using the wrong plugins… sometimes it selects halion instead of the original selection in maschine… i habe not done a new scan to see if it is a plugin problem… has anyone come across this issue.


Hey there. Sorry for not making that tutorial video. I simply assumed no one wanted it as I never saw a notification of anyone clicking that thumbs/thank icon on my previous post offering to create one.

OK, to answer your current question.

Dragging and dropping MIDI data does not copy across presets in any DAW.

Is there any reason you do not simply use MASCHINE as a VST plugin in Cubase in order to keep all your hard work in tact?

Ooh GRATZ on passing 50 posts ! Keep it up. The more you use these forums the more you learn !

Back to topic:

No, Maschine 2.4 and Cubase does not work together. I’ve actually made it work on one project but thats it. I use the same settings for other project but no, routing is buggy, everything resets and nothing works as they should.

Sometimes Its possible to record midinotes into cubase but nevertheless, 15 min later it’s gone and your back to scratching your head.
I could safetly say that ive been spending 95% of all my time with the maschine in Cubase, finding solution for it to work and 5% actually enjoying it.

But with that said, this is DAW integrationproblems. Maschine 2.4 in standalone is a really litle funny thing to play around with. The thing is when you wanna get serious and actually create something real, the problems begins, DAW integration.

I create a base forst in standalone then i open up as a vst but as a rack instrument then i drag the midi over thwn try to complete the beat in cubase…

What i dont like if i start from scratch in cubase i cant start and stop from maschine studio…

Also another problem i have both studio and komplete kontrol… why cant i use both? I can use my mixer controler mackie mcu pro and extender on 2 mackie conteol without a problem

That rings a bell. Somewhere in the documention for the NI products it mentions the transport controls in Komplete Kontrol hardware will not function if you have another MCU device… in your case… the actual MCU pro.

That was many versions ago - perhaps that limitation still exists. It is in your Cubase device setup (if I recall correctly) where that can be changed.

have a look in there to see if you make any headway.

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