Cubase8.5 Artist Loopmash


Hat jemand von euch eine Idee, wie man in cubase artist 8
den Loopmash aufnehmen kann? Habe die Automation angeschaltet und record gedrückt
so wie es beschrieben wurde. Youtube video. aber es kommt nix an.
Kann jemand den genauen Pfad beschreiben.

Export -> Audio mixdown

Audio mixdown is a quick answer only for moving track by midi record but is not complete. I am a dummie user of Cubase Artist 8 and I’m trying to record Loopmash directly on a audio tracks (as a lot of tutorial show as possible) to redcord all the variations i play …but is it impossible…, so I ask you plesae:

  1. how can I directly record the Loopmash audio track, since the Audio
    track that I set up, in the settings on the left, is not settable with
    Stereo Out above and No Bus below (as in the tutorials it is explained)?
    What should I do?
  2. moreover, how do I record the variations of Slice Selection (by pressing the
    numbers from 1 to 24 at the bottom) and the Transpose of the Track Key (by
    clicking on the right, with the + 12/0 /-12 adjustments) that I carry out
    during recording ?
    If you are Italian, please also reply in Italian.

But those tutorials use Cubase Pro, not Cubase Artist. And that´s why for you and the OP this is the complete answer. unless you do the loop hardwired or via software in your soundcard mixer, ifd you have one.

Thanks for feedback!
This means that, if I upgrade my Cubase Artist 8 to Pro version, I can record directly Loopmash on an audio track?
Moreover, there are answers please about my second question ?
Thanks a lot!

Not directly, but via a bus.