Cubase8.5+NVIDIA - which driver works best?

In an attempt to find out if there’s a better driver for my system, if you are happy with your realtime performance please state your nvidia GPU & driver.

My system has an ancient GTX460 with 365.19 64 bit driver. Seems fine here.

Nvidia have added a specific driver setting for Steinberg in Manage 3D settings…Though I’m not sure if it is available/applicable to all cards.

Certainly worth a look before trying older drivers.

I didn’t check the performance the latest drivers to be honest

Does this setting make any improvements?

Does this setting make any improvements?

I guess there wouldn’t be much point to it if it made things worse :wink:
Whether it makes improvement on your system is something only you can check.

I put an AMD in my new build and on my previous build had a 8 year old Nvidia that wouldn’t even install the later drivers (but ran Cubase without issue on whatever old driver it used) so all I can do is point out that it exists.

Latest driver 365.19 didn’t help. Plus I can’t find the Steinberg setting in Manage 3D settings

The simple solution is to get rid of Nvidia. I had great success with Nvidia cards under Windows 7, and would rarely get real time or asio spikes. Once I upgraded to Windows 10, it was a disaster. I was getting constant spikes on very small projects, and my meters were registering a constant use of 60 to 70 percent. I switched to a Radeon R7 200, and my asio and real time usage dropped by HALF and the spikes were gone. I only get spikes now if I’m doing some intensive work at low latencies. Good luck. This issue drove me crazy and I almost sold the program.

That’s interesting. I’m still on Win7 and I get a lot of spikes

This setting is gone in the Last drivers. But I got pretty much success changing the setting for 3D energy saving in the 3D settings in the Nvidia control panel to “Prefer Maximum Energy”. Probably it is called similar, because these are literal translations from the Gernan UI.

No issues here…
Currently running 365.19 with GTX960 (4GB). Also an older Win 7 PC using a GTX650 (1GB).
I don’t have any games on my audio PCs so I never install any 3D related components.

Regards :sunglasses:

I’ve tried the 3D adjustments in the NVidia Control Panel. I added Cubase and left the settings as the default.

Good move.

Cubase loads quicker, without any pops, clicks, issues at all. Probably needs more testing out, but very promising.

GIve it a go. The worst is that you don’t like it and you revert back to your previous settings.

Thanks a lot Konrath!
Manage 3D Settings - Power management mode - “Prefer Maximum Energy”

Working on a heavy project with less spikes now. Nice one!

Replacing my Nvidia Quadro NVS295 (256 mb) which had awful performance, with a Geforce GT730 (2Gb) made things a lot better for me. Using driver 365.10

Excited about the new 8.0.40 update which seems to have addressed a couple of serious graphics issues.