Cubase8 PRO + Virus TI = Issue

Hi, i have been using cubase since 2009 with my virus TI. With cubase5, i was not having issues using my virus TI. Now that i upgraded to Cubase8 PRO, i am having a lot of issues.

It is saying everytime that the synthesizer cannot connect to the host, and suddenly the sound just is gone. I solve the issue restarting cubase8, creating a new project, adding a new fresh channel with virus, and it just awakes, then i go back to load my project and it works until cubase just decides to crash or to stop the audio.

I know also can be an issue with the synth, but i want to know if someone here uses the same combination of tools.

I am also using the Virus as interface and synthesizer at the same time!

Any clue about the issue?


I have a TI and about to upgrade to Cubase 8. Currently testing compatibility on Elements 8 trial.

I’ve not had the issues you’ve mentioned but what I have noticed is, the virus does not like Cubase ASIO guard. The Virus likes the buffer to be 512 or under. When you change the ASIO guard settings, even if you have the buffer set at 512 the Virus won’t like it. Cubase is sort of setting higher buffers for tracks not record enabled or at least that’s what my experimenting suggests. Ideal for non hardware VSTS, gives you more tracks with out having a large recording/playing notes latency.

If you set the Virus ASIO to 128 or 256 when using the ASIO Guard I think it still stays with in the range of latency that things don’t mong out. I use a separate Firewire interface so I’m not adjusting the ASIO via the Virus.

Does the VST3 and VST2 version of the plug in load on your set up?

Connection Issues are usually due to an incorrect install or if the Virus is still connected to a crashed host. Loading new with out a turn off of the TI or reboot will show no available Virus as it’s still thinks it’s connected else where. Again I could be wrong but that’s just what my experience, experimenting suggests.

Virus TI and Cubase Pro 8.0.20 here working perfect.
No issues at all but I’m not using the Virus as audio card,instead I have a RME AIO.
I have a PCI USB card just for the virus btw.
Win 7 64 Sp1

Thank u for your replay!
I have tested most of things u have mentioned before. Unfortunately It did not work, so i decided not to use my Virus TI as an audio interface. So that, I bought a Focusrite scarlett 2i4. I thought it would solve the issues, but it is the same… now i have the same issues and more… the new issue is that the buffer size is odd. I solved the odd buffer size putting a ASIO4ALL in the middle, but this leads to other kind of issues like latency and the sudden “not recognized Virus TI, please connect a virus ti” that becomes more frequently!! It’s so annoying this!! I bought the latest version of cubase thinking that i will be worrying about music instead technical issues, and it just got worst! I have asked for support in Access, but i think the issue is more a Cubase thing…
I am open to listen to your thoughts on this …


Explain odd buffer size?

I’ve been having some issues too with C8 Pro. Cubase seems to get really unstable in large projects with the virus loaded as a rackmount VST. I’m not interested in going back to Cubase 5 or risking a large project corrupting so my Virus is now running over Midi which is kind of lame.

Steinberg support suggested going into the plug in manager hitting the info button the in lower left corner and turning off ASIO guard on the individual plug. I think it helps a bit but still seems to be problems. My intuition is telling me that there is something buggy about the new rack implementation for instruments with multiple outputs but that’s another story.

Also the TI works perfectly fine on a fresh project but once it gets larger it seems to start getting more unstable.

I’ll have to play around a bit more I’m in the middle of a few things so it’s just easier to pull out a midi cable. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem I found with the Virus is… it does not like asio guard. Say you have latency settings at 512 when Asio Guard is activated, when the track isn’t sellected the buffer size means the actual buffer is larger than 512 (possibly only when guard is set to high). Obviously we know that the Virus will only work properly at 512 or less so we get all kinds of warning, sync issues. The way Asio Guard messes with the buffers also messes with the Virus.

I posted a question on the Virus Forum but got no reply.

I think the original Asio Guard left rack instruments out and only did the standard instrument. The newer one does both. because of this, Asio Guard being a problem for the TI is a new thing. If you set your buffers at 128 with guard on all should be well, at least with this problem, as I’m rapidly discovering more.