Cubase8Pro purchase and installation

Have had many crashes. After I paid my $199 I downloaded Cubase 8.0.10. Having crashes ever since. Just went to support, entered my Elicsnse number, etc. and am now downloading the full version. I think this is what I should have done days ago. Is this correct? So… Do I have to uninstall the 8.0.10 first and if so how do I do it properly. Or do I just run the full version without un-installing. Perhaps this is why I’ve been having all the crashes. A response would be welcome since this is a long weekend and doubt the Steinberg dude Josh will get back to me. All they told me to do is send them crash reports. No one thought to ask my about my installation.


Since you are having problems, I would uninstall Cubase 8.0.10, reboot the computer, then run the full installer.

Good luck.

How true.