Cubase9.5 / *Plase Look at my Screenshot and Help ME * No sound but input signal is good

Hello i have big problem ,
i cant find solution
no body in the world.

why always me? T,T

look at my screen shot picture and give me solution

please help me i cant make music any more…

i use 88 keyboard well
few day ,i dont have problem

but someday broken , when i use sampler control

i dont know why

Cubase 9.5 / window 7 / tascam mk2 us-122 / m-audio keystation 88es

Capture 1 Screen Shot.PNG.jpg
If you are trying to hear the sound of the instrument while recording, you should click on the little ‘speaker’ icon. That should enable sound to be heard while recording. When you are done recording and want to listen to what you recording, turn the ‘speaker’ icon off. I attached a screen shot with a blue arrow pointing to your speaker icon on your synth track.

Hopefully this helps.

If the screen shot doesn’t come through, the speaker icon is right below the ‘S’ for solo in your inspector window.