Cubase9: I Like it!

I just like the new additions. I think they will greatly speed up workflow AND boost creativity! (Really!)

Lower zone:

For me I guess the “embedded” editors are even more interesting than the mixer (I have a separate Monitor for this anyway)

Sampler track:

Sounds a bit restricted, but seems to be a super fast way to try out samples!

Mixconsole history:

Didn’t we all wait for this for ages?! - And no bitterness here: I’m just glad it is finally there! :smiley:

[Download complete. Let’s get it running…]


I really like it. I’m glad they put so much thought into the interface. I wanted an improved 8.5, which is exactly what I think this is.

+1 Installed without incident, and all my stuff works! :open_mouth:

+1 for me too! (although price/features/expectations are a bit out of ‘ballance’, but not a deal breaker for me)