Cubase9 sent Halionsonic 3 into black list

I bought halionsonic 3(download version) from Steinberg online. I downloaded, installed, activated, with no problem. But when i started H.S.3 in
standalone mode, it crushed at initializing stage every time i tried.
When i tried with Cubase 9, Cubase sent it into the Blacklist.When i downloaded again and installed again, same thing is happen.
What am i wrong ? Help please.

I’m using…
i7,win 7 64bit, 8GB Ram
Cubase Pro 9

Are you sure this isn’t just the VST2 version? The VST3 version should still show up in your plugin list and load without problems.

yes. It is VST 2 64bit version.But this is what they sell. It showed up in plugin manager but in blacklist. When i took out of blacklist and loaded , CubasePro 9 crushed. Any more suggestion please ? thankyou.