Cubase9 - start of recording chopped

Beginners question (why isn’t there a beginners section?)
Whenever I record acoustic guitar via a microphone with the metronome turned on, the first note of the first bar is always messed up. Either I am too eager and coming in too soon, or the recording was starting about 6 milliseconds too late. Actually, it’s not the recording starting late as I’ve tried recording the metronome through the microphone and it appears spot on. This happens all the time to me. I can see the missing 6 milliseconds in the bar before bar 1 in the editor, but how can I adjust the first bar (and subsequent bars) to start 6 milliseconds earlier? I realise I could just come in a whole bar after the recording starts, but it seems unsatisfactory.

Are you using the locators as a start point for the recording? If so move the start locator a touch earlier which will allow you to catch anything played before the start of the bar. A metronome is so precise that it will always sound dead in the start of the bar whereas an acoustic guitar usually starts with a slight non musical strum befor striking the first chord on the bar.

I had some similar issues in CB 8.5 where the first beat of the metronome was cut and also regularly the first note of audio and/or midi was also not recorded. It was a stupid and a very annoying bug! As a workaround I set Preferences > Record > Audio > Audio Pre-Record Seconds and set it to like 2-3 seconds. I must say I never noticed this in CB9 (Pro) though?

I think I’ve discovered one way to capture the missing 6 milliseconds.
You click Snap Off, then just drag the little square at the start of the first bar a little to the left. Then Snap On, to allow positioning at the start of a whole bar. The editor doesn’t appear to allow you to move in front of the first event (which has an irritating “S” right over the first note), so this is done in the main window. Thanks for the responses.

can any body help me…i am not able to add lanes in cubase 9 …there is no show lanes option visible in the inspector…i checked the the track controll setup too…its not there even

For one thing a a beginners sub-forum would get less traffic from the more experienced users who are also the folks more likely to have the answers to the beginner questions.