CubaseAI6 YamahaMX61 midi setup issue

I am having issues setting up Yamaha MX61 with Cubase AI6.

  1. In device setup, under “VST Audio System” my cubase is showing “Yamaha Steinberg ASIO” but in youtube video It is showing “Yamah MX49/61”

  2. When i add midi Tracks, on the left hand side in the video we see Output Routing "Yamaha MX (Yamah MX49/MX61 Port1) but mine shows "Yamaha MX/61-1, Yamaha MX/61-2, Yamaha MX/61-3, Yamaha MX/61-4, Yamaha MX/61-5 and Yamaha MX/61-6. Which one should i select?

  3. I don’t see instrument list from my MX61 in the cubase midi track.

Please help.

Thanks a lot.

Hello Aw1,

Please cloase downl Cubase AI6 and make sure that you have installed the most recent driver and firmware for the MX61, by going to the Yamaha Support website and download the correct driver update and firmware update for your operating system (PC or Mac)

The Youtube video shows the instructor creating three MIDI Tracks and assigning the the output to MX49/61 Port 1, and on each MIDI changing the MIDI channel from 1 to 3 for each individual track. This allows a different patch to played on a separate MIDI channels. You have 16 to choose from. He is changing the patch list for the MX from the Programs Tab in the Track Inspector Window. If you don’t see any patches for the MX61, you need to install the firmware and driver which should also install the patch script for the MX61. If you are unsure of where the patch script installer is please refer to the MX61 installation guide or contact Yamaha directly.