CubaseLE 7will not download to windows 8.1

Hello, I hope this is in the right place.

I’ve bought a new windows 8 laptop and i’m trying to install my cubase software from the focusrite website.

All the scarlett drivers have installed fine but cubase gets to about 10% then a message appears saying it’s been interupted. When i resume it gets to about 30% then finishes and will not open.

Any help would be much appreciated.

OK, here’s another question.

Baring in mind my knowledge of all this is very limited. I contacted Steinberg who very kindly sent me a link to another download which I downloaded last night.

Apparently there’s something called an ISO image (?) that I should burn to disc…can’t find it, so, again, any help would be much appreciated.

Apologies for my ignorance.

Hello LiftMan50,

I have sent you a private message regarding your first question.

Hello LiftMan50,

The download I provided in your PM is a .zip file that I also provided instructions on how to successfully download.

Thanks for your message Joel. I did a little digging and managed, eventually, to figure out how to install the ISO file I was sent.

I’m ready to be creative now. :wink:

Hey guys, I have the same problem, does anyone have the full zip file I can have?

Would you be able to send me the zip file? I have the same problem

Hello LiftMan70,

I am happy to hear you were successful.

Hello Ddl1234,

I have submitted the link to you as well in a PM.

I tried downloading cubase le 7. I also need help to download from different link.

Hello waywayguy,

Sent to you in a PM as well.

I have this same problem (though in windows 7)

Hello JDC,

I have sent you a PM.

Thank you Joel!

Happy to help!

Hi. I am new to this site and forum. Apparently I am having the same problem as many other people in this forum in Downloading the CubaseLE 7 software program.

I am currently trying to download it to a Windows 7 OS on my laptop. I have tried some suggestions like taking down my Firewall and using Mozilla Firefox browser. It downloads to 13% or 320mb and stops downloading apparently thinking that the download is complete when it is in fact not completed.

You would think that since this is a common problem with both this program and other Steinberg software being downloaded from this site that the company would have either fixed the problem with the site or just issue it’s costumers the program(s) on a CD instead of expecting people to shell out a lot of money on products that run their software and then have to go to this website to download the software and get locked into a living hell of just trying to obtain a clean download or even some sort of successful download of their software products. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t have all day or all week to sit at my computer trying to download one damn program after I just shelled out hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money to purchase a piece of hardware that runs on this companies software.

Now, what exactly am I supposed to do to successfully obtain a clean copy of this CubaseLE 7 program. :imp:



PM sent to Jeff.

Got your PM Chris but I still can’t get it to download completely.

Hello JD,

I have provided you another PM

Still doesn’t work. Steinberg should just provide people that are having this problem which are many with a copy of the program on a CD as this is a common and long standing issue among Steinberg software clients with their downloads. Just sayin!