Cubasele8 freezes after half hour or so

I have a dell 6410e latitude laptop…when I either create or bring up a project after about a half an hour the sound still functions but the pointer won’t make any of the cubasele8 functions work…plus if you try to close cubasele8 or bring up another project it refuses…I end up having to restart the computer as that’s the only thing the pointer will do…it didn’t do this until a few months ago…after 2 years of use…any suggestions?

Just a thought…
You say the it happens after 30 mins or so. Maybe a windows update somehow changed the power settings to some power savings scheme that puts stuff to sleep after 30 mins. Worth a look I suppose.

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I’ll give it a look…

I did what you said, I fooled around with the advanced power settings, but I still haven’t figured out what fixed it, up from 5-10 minutes from start to 20 seconds now!! Why I’m confused is because I deleted about 10 plugin scan files or folders that I created in the plugin manager…it got faster but 50+ plugins disappeared…I got them back after the plugin manager seemed to scan default files…it is still a lot faster after disabling real time defender or excluding files,folders and processes in windows defender in advanced settings…but be careful if anyone reads this because I heard where you can have a hard time getting files or plugins back when unblocking some of the above mentioned things…

Was part of this answer for the other thread about your slow startup issue?
BTW… I recommend that you don’t disable your realtime anti virus protection unless you are not connected to the web. Just exclude the Steinberg folders. Also… I never heard about having issues getting files or plugins back. Should be no issues here.

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Yes the computer ,apps and windows show up faster now…but the funny part is that I don’t remember which bit of advice helped…thanks